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Owner and full time Ketoer


have been following the Keto Lifestyle for a little over 2 years now.  I am not always strict Keto but I really try to be.

I have loved the way it has made me feel and I’ve learned a lot on my journey. It has helped me with my asthma, my chronic joint pain and of course my weight.  But the main reason I started Keto is because of my joint pain.  I wasn’t extremely overweight and I knew that I had been heavier and never had issue. But something was going on with my body.  I could barely get out of bed in the morning if I was able to sleep at all.  I had every test I possibly could to try and figure out what was wrong with me.  The only marker that showed up is that I had gluten intolerance.  I don’t have Celiacs disease but my body didn’t like gluten.  I could barely move my hands, and every joint felt like it was unmovable.  I was scared there was something seriously wrong with my body.  I wanted to have House as my doctor so that he could figure out what was wrong with me since every test came back a negative.

My doctor actually recommended that I try Keto.  Why because it removed all the gluten out of my diet.  But also if you follow a Keto diet it takes away a lot of inflammatory foods.

Now, I won’t say that Keto is easy but I have found that it is really not all that hard either.  Once you get going on it it’s really pretty simple.  The hard part is the starting.  The Keto flu can knock you out.  But if you take all the steps when starting you can skip that and just start seeing results.

If you read through my blog you will see that I recommend a program called Speed Keto.  And yes I am an affiliate for them.  But only because I truly believe in the program.  I’ve seen so many results not just in my health but also in my weight.  It is easy and you can customize it for you.

Why Speed Keto?

So if you have a hard time with planning meals Speed Keto has you covered.  If you don’t know how to count Macros this program has you covered.  If you don’t know what foods are Keto, this program has you covered.  If you’ve never done intermittent fasting this program has you covered. This program takes all the guess work out of starting Keto and you get results.

Another plus to this program is that you don’t pay every month for it you only pay once and it’s yours.  You can switch the menu up if you’d like to make it different as you progress.  There is also an amazing support Facebook group that you gain access to as soon as you buy your program.

This program absolutely saved my life.  I am able to move around and do the things that I need to do without being in tears and without pain.  I am a new woman.  I tried creating my own program but I find there is nothing that replaces this one.

I will tell you the group is great but I have added my own group that is less tough and judgmental of slip ups.  I provide recipes from time to time and I love sharing my experiences and learning from others.  You can check us out here.  We are not extremely active but I do stop in and answer questions and post helpful links I have found regarding Keto.

My Next Step

I am planning on becoming a certified Keto Coach and with that maybe I will be able to provide a comprehensive course on following a Keto Lifestyle.  And provide more information to you.  I look forward to following your journey and helping you succeed any way that I can.

Hit my email up any time.  And let me know what you want to learn and I will research it and find the answers for you if possible.  Also take a look at the blog for all kinds of information already here.






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