Stress and Weight Gain

Stress and Weight Gain

Stress and weight gain go pretty much hand in hand, especially for women. It sucks. I have dealt with it for a very long time and it is a hard thing to deal with. It actually causes me to stress even more. But what are some things you can do to combat it?

I am one of those people that are driven to constantly be doing something. I challenge myself constantly, I compete with myself. Yeah myself. Like the beginning of this year, I told myself that I was going to read 50 books this year. For the whole year. Last year I had only read maybe 30 for enjoyment all the other books I read were for work, business or learning. I enjoy those also. But I think you get my point.

Well guess what I have done and it is not even February yet. I have read 22. Yeah, 22 books in 26 days. I want to make my goal. But I realized something I am not enjoying reading because I am stressing on it and I am also stressing on all the time I am wasting not working on my business and this blog.

Weight Gain and Stress

So how does this have anything to with weight gain and stress? Well, simple while reading I start thinking about all I need to get done. My meal prep for the week, my two blogs that I publish, my household chores, my new duties at my work outside the home and also spending time with my family. I need to find a balance.

But thinking of all this causes me stress and guess what that does it raises my cortisol levels. What is cortisol?

Cortisol is a stress hormone produces by the adrenal glands.

Now cortisol is not a bad thing. Your body needs it. But elevated cortisol can cause myriads of different symptoms and affects different cells in your body. Some of these effects are:

  • controlling the body’s blood sugar levels and thus regulating metabolism,
  • acting as an anti-inflammatory,
  • influencing memory formation,
  • controlling salt and water balance, influencing blood pressure 

So happens when you have too much Cortisol in your system:

  • rapid weight gain mainly in the face, chest and abdomen contrasted with slender arms and legs
  • a flushed and round face
  • high blood pressure
  • osteoporosis
  • skin changes (bruises and purple stretch marks)
  • muscle weakness
  • mood swings, which show as anxiety, depression or irritability
  • increased thirst and frequency of urination.

So Why Does Stress cause Cortisol Spikes and Weight Gain

Think about it this way. When you get scared, excited or startled your body produces hormones, like the rush of adrenaline and cortisol that courses through your body when you are on a roller coaster or you watch a scary suspenseful movie and that scene comes up and makes you jump. You feel that rush in your body well that’s adrenaline and cortisol. People can become addicted to that rush. You know the adrenaline junkies.

In the short-term, adrenaline helps you feel less hungry as your blood flows away from the internal organs and to your large muscles to prepare for “fight or flight.” However, once the effects of adrenaline wear off, cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” hangs around and starts signaling the body to replenish your food supply.

But that fight or flight hormone surge worked for our ancestors a lot better than it does for us. They would hunt and fight off wild animals and they would get the rush and it would save their lives it also used up a lot of energy, so their bodies needed more stores of fat and glucose. Nowadays we stress on things that they didn’t we sit on the couch worrying about how to pay the bill or work long hours at the computer to make the deadline and guess what that does not work off much energy at all dealing with the stressor! And we are stuck with a neuroendocrine system that didn’t get the system update, so your brain is still going to tell you to reach for that bag of chips.

So What Can You Do

As I explained above that flight or fight that worked for our ancestors because they needed that extra slow down of fat burning. But in this day and age, we have the stress without the lack of food for many of us. And we don’t need to keep the extra storage of food to keep us nourished through the lean times. So what can we do to keep the cortisol levels under control?

  1. Reduce the stress in our lives.
  2. Change our habits
  3. Move more
  4. Eat right
  5. Get More Sleep
  6. Relax
  7. Have Fun
  8. Maintain healthy relationships
  9. Take care of a Pet
  10. Take Supplements
  11. Be Your Best Self

I know it sounds easy. LOL. Easier said than done. Especially for us that push ourselves constantly. I know I could do a lot to make my life a lot easier. Like not taking on so much responsibility. I work a full-time job away from home. I maintain two blogs and help others do the same and have three kids and a husband. Not sure what is harder the kids or the husband.

My Day

  • 5:00 am – Get up
  • 5:10 am – Coffee
  • 5:30 am – Research for Blogs
  • 7:30 am – Get kids up for school
  • 8:15 am – Leave for work
  • 8:30 am – Work (ugh – it pays the bills – I’m job & project analysis)
  • 6:00 pm – Off work
  • 6:15 pm – pick up dinner
  • 6:30 pm – cook dinner
  • 7:00 pm – dinner and clean up & prepare lunches
  • 8:00 pm – help kids with homework
  • 9:00 pm – work on blogs and social media
  • 11:00 pm – read and get ready for bed
  • 12:00 pm – sleep

That is my schedule Monday – Thursday and Saturday every other week and Monday – Friday the other weeks. It leaves me very little time to even do the things on the list above to help me reduce my stress level and my cortisol levels. The days I have off from my other job are spent doing the household work that gets left during the week.

So What’s My Plan for my Stress

I need to restructure my day and my responsibilities. And as you all know as an adult you can’t just let things fall to the wayside. But it does not mean I can’t delegate. My children are older now they can take on more responsibilities like doing the chores for the house. I have come up with a weekly chore list for each of them so I don’t have to do as much for the home.

Then there is Sunday shopping and meal prep day. That will save me time during the evenings so that I don’t have to go to the store every night and then come home and cook dinner. I can have my husband who is home by 4:10 put it in the oven and it is ready by the time I get home.

Also, I am working with my boss at my JOB to try to switch to 3-4 day work week on location and work 2 days from home. I am hoping by August not to be working outside the home at all and working all from home and for myself. But guess what I am not going to stress on it. Why because stress does nothing but raises my cortisol levels.

I will take it one day at a time

If you notice I am very scheduled and that takes away a lot of my stress. As you know this is life things get thrown at you when you least expect it. A sick kid or a failed plan. But having my day scheduled out to the minute takes away a lot of my stress.

So how does meal prep come into this? Well, easy one last thing I don’t have to think about and do during the day. In actuality planning and preparing food is the bane of my existence. Seriously I hate thinking about what to have and what to buy to make it and I hate having to prepare it every night. And I am sure a lot of you are like me. It is just easier to pick something up from a restaurant or the deli at your grocery store.

But that is not good for you. We all know that. So Meal Prep is where it’s at. You plan everything out for your week. You have it ready to go for each day and there is less stress and you are not eating foods that cause you to gain weight. I know that sounds too easy and I agree. I myself am struggling with it But it is a habit I want to be part of my life to make my life easier.

Why? Because I am tired of eating right and still staying the weight I am or gaining. I stick to strictly keto foods and I couldn’t figure out why I can’t lose anymore. I do intermittent fasting I do strict Keto now.

Dr. Berg on Cortisol and Weight Gain

Dr. Berg has a complete series that has to do with cortisol and talks about how you actually have stress stored up. And how it stays with you in your cells. I found it really interesting. Here is the link to it and another that is very informative and this one talks about keto about cortisol and keto is also very informational.

I know that I can’t cure all of my cortisol stores or my stress overnight but I can do something to start righting it. Meal Prep, delegating household chores, cutting back on work and relaxing more. I find keeping a journal also helps You can pick up my free journal below.

So Let’s Talk about Meal Plans

I know I go on and on about Speed Keto. But really I find it is the easiest plan to follow and now there is Rapid Keto. And there is also a new cookbook call Completely Keto goes Mexican with some amazing recipes for all you Mexican food connoisseurs. With these meal plans all laid out for you there is no stress in planning your weekly meals. Add a side for your non-keto eaters in your family and voila you have one less thing to stress on.

Next week I am going to delve further on this subject of cortisol. I find it very interesting the effects it has on your body and that stress can cause you to gain weight. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below. But Keto on my Ketoers.

Is Keto for Weight Loss or Health

Is Keto for Weight Loss or Health

So is Keto for weight loss or health? That’s a discussion that my brother and I had over the holiday dinner. I found out he was following Keto and I was really surprised. We shared recipes and how we felt about Keto. We were both surprised by the way it had changed our lives.

But when we really got to talking about it it wasn’t the weight loss we focused on. It was the way we felt.

My brother is 6.5 years younger than me and about a foot taller than me. If I haven’t mentioned this before I am the oldest of 8 kids. Yes, 8. We all are not from the same parents some have the same mom or the same dad but I have 7 siblings.

From the Mouths of Babes

As we started discussing the Keto diet we talked about food and how we have lost weight but then it got down to the real reason for it when my baby brother, who is 20 years younger than me, got involved in it when he asked us why we didn’t just exercise and eat low-fat foods. And we both said at the same time that it doesn’t work for us that our problem was inflammation. (Link to article about inflammation)

That is when the real discussion began. We both began explaining to him how much better we felt. That we didn’t have joint pain, muscle aches or any of the other problems we had before. My brother explained to my little brother that he could actually climb a flight of stairs now without being out of breath when he got to the top. And I told him I no longer woke up to severe joint pain.

My brother that is on the Keto diet wasn’t really that overweight he had the beer belly but he was actually pretty trim other than that. He is 40 years old and really quite active. He is a heavy machinery operator and that is a very physical job.

So What Did We Have in Common

We both had inflammation that was causing health issues caused by inflammation. And the Keto lifestyle helped us get past it. So neither of us were really doing it for the weight loss, we were doing it because of the health benefits. And after talking to him a little longer he told me he started doing it for weight loss in the beginning because his doctor recommended it so that he wouldn’t become a type 2 diabetic. He was told that he was borderline diabetic. That he needed to take some weight off.

So he did initially start doing Keto to lose weight. Like most of us that are doing it, but he is making this his lifestyle. He likes the way he feels that he doesn’t have the digestive issues he had before or the pain that was keeping him from living his active lifestyle. He loves taking his motorcycle out and loves riding with his club members and he also loves playing with his children, hiking, and camping. And now he can do all that without feeling miserable and tired.

Keto for Weight loss or Health

As we continued to talk we talked about how people can’t be sold on the health reasons for Keto. That when you tell them that they will feel better they go oh okay. But when you show them how much weight you can lose in a short time they jump on board with it. They want those fast results.

He told me he has told other people about how it has changed his life. That he feels like a new man and they tell him well you haven’t lost that much weight how has it changed your life. He goes into how his energy level has improved and how he can sleep through the night. He no longer is in a brain fog. They just don’t understand that and many people don’t until they experience it for themselves.

Speed Keto

And it is totally amazing the results you will see with keto if you are doing it correctly. So many people have won on Keto. Their life has been changed because of it. I’ve been a member of the Speed Ketosis Community for over 6 months now and some of the women and men there have totally transformed themselves. Losing over 200 pounds. And that is amazing but what is even more amazing is the way they talk about how much better they feel.

They talk about no longer having to take medications for all that ailed them before they started their Speed Keto journey. They talk about how they can do things that they were never able to do before. Like run marathons, go out and do a full day with their young children. I am inspired daily by the Speed Keto group.

If you go to many of the other Keto groups you will find the same things. Success story after success story. And yes a lot of them showing theirs before and after pictures. But that is not all they talk about their victories of their health success. Like getting pregnant after years of trying or not having to take blood pressure medications any longer, or no longer being dependant on diabetic medications. So Keto is not just for weight loss it is also for your health in my own opinion.

Another Question my Baby Brother Had

Don’t you get tired of eating the same things day in and day out? I don’t know why everyone thinks that. Do they really think Keto is just eating eggs, bacon and butter? It isn’t the internet is a wealth of information. And a lot of recipes. We don’t just eat those three staples, in fact, most of the time I don’t eat those. I eat such a variety of food that I never get bored with my food. I eat chicken, steak, seafood, and vegetables. My fats come from butter, heavy whipping cream in moderation, ghee, an avocado that I mix with things because I hate avocados. Yes, I am that girl. I even eat sweet foods. Have you ever been on Pinterest you can find so many desserts on there? My favorite is the ice cream and fat bomb recipes.

And then the other question is — how can you afford it it is so expensive? Well, now it can be. But how much more expensive it is than going to a fast-food restaurant every day or eating how you used too. You are not buying diet food. You are buying regular food. Meat and vegetables. And if you are doing the intermittent fasting with Keto heck you just saved 2 meals a day right there two to three times a week.

What I Do

I do intermittent fasting 5 out of seven days. And while doing Speed Keto I can do a three day fast. Which saves me some money right there. Yes, I still have to feed my family. But I don’t buy separate foods for myself as I used to on other diets I tried. Like Medifast, that cost me a fortune and it actually didn’t help me lose weight and it made my inflammation worse. And the food tasted horrible. I even did a program where it was six small meals a day and that was expensive and really boring I felt like I was always cooking or preparing food.

When I buy foods I buy the foods I like and that my family likes and I add a side for them. But lately I have been doing cauliflower mashed faux potatoes for the and the cauliflower rice and they actually love it. So win-win for my family and myself.

Keto is not hard and you don’t have to eat boring food. It actually tastes amazing. You get the flavor of real foods and fats. There are such variety and flavor. Remember the only things you are cutting out are the high carb content that the body doesn’t really need. It is not hard and once you find things that you love it really becomes very easy. But it becomes easier when you see and feel the results of it.

Why do you do Keto

So I am asking why do you do Keto. Is it for your health or is it just so that you can get into that little sexy dress? Email me and let me know. Or leave a comment below. I’d really like to know. I know I have weight loss goals still, I haven’t reached it yet. I haven’t even reached my health goals as of today and I am constantly learning about the wonders of Keto.

The more I learn about Keto and how it can help you the more excited I become. My daughter is even jumping on board with it. She has severe PCOS and is always in pain because of it and as she has seen by watching me and how it has helped me with my endometriosis, (I was never diagnosed with PCOS, but I know that it is hereditary.) She is excited to start so that she is not suffering anymore and can live her life to the fullest.

I’m starting my third round of Speed Keto and I am excited about it. I will be doing it with my daughter. I can’t wait to see how much better she feels and I can’t wait to see my results.

Why am I doing Speed Keto When I Can Find Everything I Need Online

Well, that is easy. It is laid out for your plan. You don’t have to think about it. I do enough thinking in my everyday life. And I hate thinking about what to cook. I actually hate cooking and that is why this site doesn’t have a lot of recipes on it and it also doesn’t have any cooking videos. I HATE COOKING! There I’ve said it. I work full-time and have a son with Autism that I home school. I have this little blog and another one that I run. I’m busy. I love doing research but I don’t like cooking.

So Speed Keto helps me. It has a shopping list, recipes and a daily meal plan. It tells me exactly what to do so that I don’t have to think about it ever. I just get my shopping list and go purchase what is on it. Prepare the meals as instructed and eat. Easy peasy. And guess what the results are amazing.

I know I go on and on about Speed Keto but really, what diet program can you do that you pay a one time $39 dollar fee that gives you an easy to follow meal-plan that tastes good and is good for you. With a support system in place if you have questions that doesn’t charge you monthly or that you don’t have to do research on the internet constantly or track your macros. And now they have an online store that you can get cookbooks, smoothy mixes, electrolytes, and more. The store opens on December 2 and will have everything that you need. Save this link to get you started.

My Reasons for this Blog & Speed Keto

So why Speed Keto? I don’t have to find recipes, I don’t have to think about it. It’s all action plus it is really simple. I need simplicity in my life, I make things hard enough by adding things daily to my to-do list. I am building a business with my other blog which I am loving. I’m researching weekly the benefits of Keto and educating people on it which I really love. I am sharing my experience with it and before long I will be a Keto and Intermittent fasting health coach that I show much I love Keto. I love how it makes me feel how alive I feel and I love sharing that information with you. I’m hoping I can inspire you to become the best you that you can be.

Whether it be just doing Keto or following Speed Keto, doing it for weight loss or for health reasons, I am here to help you. If you have questions or want to more about something ask me. Email me, comment below I am here for you on this Keto Journey you are following. I am by no means an expert yet but I can guarantee that I will research your question for you and answer your question. I’ve been learning more every day and I plan on being an expert. Until next time Keto on.

I am an affiliate for Speed Keto and I may earn a small commission on anything you may buy but I only promote what I use and truly believe in.

Keto Diet vs Keto Lifestyle

Keto diet vs keto lifestyle what does that even mean? Well, I know I’ve talked about it previously. I follow the keto lifestyle. What I mean by that is I don’t see it as a diet I see it as my way of life. I am not just doing keto to lose weight but I am doing it to feel better and be healthier.

My body thanks me when I follow Keto. I feel better and I am able to live a better life because I’ve changed my eating habits. That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss certain things. But I’ve changed my lifestyle many ways over the course of my life. I went from a single lifestyle to the married lifestyle. I was a smoker now I am a non-smoker. I used to eat junk now I don’t. It is all about perspective.

I am not dieting I am changing my habits. Did you know it takes about thirty days to stop a habit and thirty days to form one? It’s about consistency. And if you don’t plan on keeping up the habit it doesn’t usually stick. That is why I don’t think of Keto as a diet. I see it as a lifestyle and my new way of life.

Habit Keto Lifestyle

I will tell you as soon as I changed the way of thinking is when I started seeing results. Diet is a word none of us like to hear. It is the dreaded four-letter word. That word actually messes with a lot of people’s heads. So I stopped using it.

So, the Keto Lifestyle is a way of life. Not a diet. Enjoy your new way of eating. Look up recipes. Eat delicious foods. And feel good about yourself. Don’t feel like your limiting yourself or denying yourself. That is certain failure.

Once you start thinking of it as your new healthier way of eating the better you will do with it. It is all a mindset.

I know from being a teen or even now that if someone tells me I can’t have something or I can’t do something — what is the first thing I want. Yep, you got it — exactly what I was told no about.

I was one of those kids. And my parents learned that quickly. My dad even told me one time when I was just starting high school that I wouldn’t graduate from there. Guess what I did. I proved him wrong. I did struggle the first two years being the rebel I was. But I ended up graduating early and also had a year’s worth of my college credits.

Diet Keto Diet

You may not be exactly like me. But all my psychology classes told me one thing if you think that you are denying yourself something that you want — you crave it even more. So that is why I am stressing that you need to change that mindset. You need to change your eating habits and your lifestyle not go on another diet.

I am making this one short but if you want more information about what Keto is — take a look into my mind a little further. And I highly recommend getting a fast start on your Keto journey to set you up with a habit-forming program Speed Keto. It will set you up for success and with the right habit from the beginning. You will see results quickly and learn about intermittent fasting. It comes with a dedicated community

Top Things People do Wrong When Doing Keto

Top Things People do Wrong When Doing Keto

Top things people do wrong when doing Keto, and I am one of those people. Keto is really not a hard diet, but there is so much information out there that confuses the hell out of you.

Eat this, don’t eat that, you can have that you can’t have that. Well, I am not saying I have it all figured out but I do know how I have failed in the past and how a lot of others are failing now.

These are not going to be in any particular order so don’t worry if yours is on top or if it is on bottom

Things People do Wrong When Doing Keto

Not tracking your carbs

I know, I know, I tell you all the time that I don’t track my carbs, but that is because the majority of the time I am eating either the Keto KikStart Plan, or the Speed Keto plan and they both have it all figured out for me.

But if you are not doing either one of those plans then it is imperative that you track your carbs. Now, if you have been reading the blog religiously every week like I know you have then you probably have read my calculating macro blog. Most Ketoers do about 20 grams of carbs a day. And I know that when I’m not doing either one of the programs I do calculate my macros. But where a lot of people go wrong is that they don’t measure the food they are eating. I measure everything that I eat. And I count each separate item.

I use the carb manager and I add each individual item of food. Or I create a meal using each individual item. That way it calculates correctly. Also, another thing about the carb manager always check things like salad dressings against the labels, they are not all correct in the carb manager app.

#2 Not Eating Enough Healthy Fats

This is a hard one for a lot of people to get over. We’ve been told most of our lives that fat is the enemy. Or we hear things like I was told you are what you eat. So in my mind, I had to change that. Just because I am eating more fats doesn’t make me fat. Our bodies turn that fat into energy that we can burn easily. We don’t need the carbs for energy. Our bodies are amazing.

So how much fat should you be eating, well, once again, you should be eating according to your weight and the carb manager is really good at figuring that out. But you need to make sure you have it set to Carb tracking and track all macros. And then in the macro setting area have it on Keto setting.

But also you need to be eating good fats, like salmon, olives, avocados, coconut oil, butter and bacon, and if you do hit your fat goals add MCT oils.

Note: When starting with MCT Oil take your time getting up to the tablespoon start with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually move your way up. You will thank me for that tip. Seriously, you won’t like spending your day in the bathroom.

#3 Eating too Much Protein

Basically the Keto Diet is 5:25:70 which is 5 percent carbs, 25 percent protein and 75 percent fat. The reason being is that it is the optimum level to get you fat-adapted where you are losing weight. Also, if you overdo protein it can be turned into sugars in your bloodstream because you are not using all the energy of it up. Check out this article by the diabetes foundation. That is also why people don’t recommend diets like Atkins and other low carb diets to people with diabetes.

# 4 Eating Low-Quality Food

This is another thing I see on a regular and I’m guilty of it also. Eating processed foods. Like lunch meats, cheap canned vegetables, and sliced or pre-grated cheese.

With Keto, you have eliminated a lot of those processed foods, which is great and a great start to your diet. But I know many of you women out there start to see a stall in your weight loss or inches lost. Well, look at the packaged foods that you are eating. Grated cheese and processed cheese slices add potato starch and other things to keep them from sticking.

The meats have additives to them also, it is a great idea to get grass-fed meats and meats without the hormones in them. You will see a huge difference in your stalls and the way you feel.

And the canned foods have no nutrition to them. They have been stripped away. Look for frozen food if you want cheaper than fresh, but you still need to check your labels. Because those also add additives like corn starch and potato starch so they don’t stick and some even add sugar.

#5 Not Planning

This is where a lot of my problems come from. I am one of those daily shoppers, I hate cooking and want simple. That is one reason this page is not full of all those delicious Keto Recipes you see on other Keto blogs. Maybe one day when I get a nice kitchen to cook in but not now. Two feet of counter space is not enough to display my cooking skills.

But on to the point. Food prep is important and that is another reason I love Speed Keto. I know what I am going to eat daily. It is right there in the book. I have the recipes and the meal plan I know exactly what to get at the store.

But you can do the same thing at the beginning of the week. Even if you don’t prepare it ahead of time. Just have your daily shopping list as I do. I know what to pick up from the store each evening and I fix it when I get home from work. I know that if I don’t it’s much easier for me to slip and order a pizza and then I am miserable for a week because of it.

#6 Not Keeping Electrolytes in Check

This is another one that I hear complained about a lot online. The side effects of Keto. Which suck if you don’t keep your electrolytes in balance. And really it is a simple thing to do. And it helps with the Keto flu so much.

I get my electrolytes by drinking my water with electrolytes. I usually use Ultima which is on Amazon. (Just a quick disclosure I am an Amazon Associate so if you buy from my link I will make a small commission on that sale but it won’t cost you anything more.) I also buy one from Costco that is great it has no flavor and I can add it to my coffee.

When your electrolytes are out of balance you can suffer from things like fatigue, dizziness, headaches and a lot more. So get your electrolytes it is so worth it.

#7 Eating Too Many of the Wrong Vegetables

If you are anything like me you were raised being told to eat your vegetables that they are good for you. And in truth some are. But others are carb-heavy.

Take a look at your carb manager or look it up on the internet to find out what the carb count is. Seriously, it is worth it.

Some vegetables that are good are things like spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, and green beans.

#8 Not Getting Enough Fiber

Now, this one is a pain in the butt literally. If you are not getting enough fiber you will be constipated. And that sucks. I’ve been there. So eat your greens. Foods high in fiber. Cabbage, squash and some nuts are great.

You will seriously want to hug me for reminding you to get your fiber.

#9 Artificial Sweeteners

I know you see all those low carb sweeteners out there. Well, guess what a lot of them are so bad for you and they will do the exact thing you are trying to avoid by using them. They will raise your insulin levels.

My go-to and ones that don’t raise your blood sugar are Stevia, Swerve and Monkfruit.

#10 Not Drinking Enough Water

Water the beverage of life. Really it is! Without water, you’d die. But in all seriousness, you need water more than ever when doing the Keto Diet. Why because you are not eating foods that hang onto that water. This is one of my favorite posts that I wrote on it.

Now I know most of you that are doing keto can attest when you first start it is like that is all you are doing is peeing. I am with you sister. But hear me out on this, I drink a gallon a day and it does get better. I’ve learned over the course of my research on Keto that a well-hydrated person should be peeing every hour.

So go on girl get your hydro flask and start drinking.

#11 Stop Giving Up So Soon

Really did you gain the weight overnight? It will happen. You will lose weight. You hear all about the successes of fast weight loss on Keto. But remember are unique, your body is not that other woman’s body. Give your body time to adjust. You will get over the Keto-Flu, you will get over that stall and you will lose weight. I know you will.

Just remember your why! Each time I stumble I go back to that and remember I am doing it for my health and well-being find your why and stick to it. And remember if you need help ask. Email me get on my facebook or join my group and yell through messenger. I am there for you.

#12 Stop Focusing on the Scale

I know I have a problem with this and you probably do to the scale is not dropping and you think you are not making progress. This is one of the things people do wrong when doing keto. But take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do a before picture wait a week and take another one. You will see the difference especially if there have been no slip-ups. Either in your face or the way our clothes fit. Those are no small victories. The scale is not how we should be measuring our success. Because it lies.

Really I have dropped pant sizes before I dropped pounds. It may be because I am active in my life and I have been more active since starting keto. I have more energy and I have built muscle which weighs more than fat. Don’t give up because your scale is lying to you.

#13 Last One for Now – Do Your Research

I’ve been researching Keto and Low carb for 18+ years now. Since my daughter was two. I have learned a thing or two. But I will not proclaim myself as an expert. I just know from my own experience.

But read a book, watch YouTube Videos. Read the blogs. Learn how to do Keto Right. I can tell you not everyone in every Keto group is going to give you good advice. I read everything I can get my hands on to continue on this Keto Journey. And you should too. That is why I would never recommend something that won’t help you and I won’t try and sell you the snake juice to help you lose weight. I only recommend things that have helped me in my health and my weight loss. Don’t do these things people do wrong when doing Keto.

Speed Keto™ + BONUSES (aff)

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Your Health Needs You To Take Control

Your Health Needs You To Take Control

Your health needs you to take control.  I know you all know that.  But I’m telling you that because that is the issue I had.  I kept on having all these aches and pains.  But it took me forever to take control.  And even to this day, I lose it.  

I’ve been struggling with my Keto Journey lately.  One reason is because of the new job I started a little while.  If you are on my email list you might have heard that I got a new job.  It isn’t stressful, but I am no longer at home and I am having a difficult time find food around where I am working that keeps me on track.

So instead of eating, I have been doing my intermittent fasting.  That is all well in good, but it really isn’t something that works for me everyday.

So How can I Take Back Control of My Health

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this.  I have decided to do Speed Keto again.  I had so much success with it and it also has me meal prepping.  I will be starting this on the 20th.  I am going to do a Keto Costco run and buy everything I need for my first two weeks.  It is a thirty-day program to get me back on track. And to feeling good again.

30 Days to turn around my health again and get on track before the Holidays when it is the hardest.  The sweets, all the foods with gluten in them.  That is my downfall.  I like pies, and I like all the delicious holiday dishes. But if I am on track I can make it through the holidays fine.  Why because I will see progress again. And that will motivate me to stay strong.


So Why Do I Say take Control of My Health

Because over the last 6 weeks I have eaten food that has made my hands and joints started hurting again.  My digestion is all off and I am not feeling well.  My energy level is so low, it is even hard to type out this post.  

I did it to myself and that sucks.  I made excuses as to the reason why I was doing this.  That I had felt better and that what would just one little bite do.  I know I said in last week’s post that it is alright to fall off. And it is. 

But would you eat eggs if you were allergic? Would you drink milk if you were going to make you sick? You wouldn’t eat or feed peanuts to a person with allergies to them. No. You wouldn’t.  

Why do we eat foods that make us feel sick? Because we don’t have a life-threatening allergy to them.  But it reality after much thought, it may not be a severe allergy like peanut allergies, but your body does not want those foods.  It is literally telling you that. By the inflammation, by the lethargic feeling, you get when you eat it, by the weight gain. 

So I say take control of my health because nobody but me can do that.  I can control what I put into my body. I know the foods that make me hurt and cause me to gain weight. Those are the foods that I will not be eating. 

Why use Speed Keto to Take Control

The reason why I am going to use Speed Keto is simple.  It is a laid out plan that I can follow.  I know I have KikStart as my own program I designed. But I want the accountability and the community that comes with Speed Keto.

See I know how to do Keto. I know how to track my macros, what foods are accepted and what foods are not. I know how to cook Keto.  It is simple and the information is all online for you to find.  But Speed Keto and KikStart Keto have the menu you follow. Cookbook, and daily schedule for you to follow.  

They are both structured to get the best results in a short amount of time.  But best of all you can meal prep a week in advance and you don’t have to decide what to eat what night or day.  You don’t have to figure it out. And that is what I need right now.  I need more structure.  

But why not my own program – Simple the community of Speed Keto there are over 29K people in that group.  They are strict and they call you out on your excuses.  But they are also helpful and motivating.  

Also, I am going to do mine the next month, after Thanksgiving.  Variety is the key to my success but also the support.  

My Challenge to YOU – To Take Control of Your Health

So here is my challenge to you.  Make the end of 2019 your best yet and take control of your health.  Join me on the 20th and get your Speed Keto Program, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, but even more that it comes with a group who will support you, daily menu, recipes, a full cookbook with all the recipes, a weekly shopping list and the success of people who have done it.  

These are only three examples of the Speed Keto Family.  And I love it.  So many amazing examples of people who followed the meal plan and won on their Keto Journey.  This a program I truly believe in and they are an inspiration to me and my goals.  

I know many people will say this is a scam that you don’t have to pay for Keto. In reality, you don’t have to pay for any diet.  You just research it and do it.  Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, all of them.  But millions of people every day are buying pills, miracle shakes in a bottle just to lose weight. This isn’t that.  It is a program that you spend $39 on, it comes with the cookbook, which I know is worth the $39 itself, but it also comes with a laid-out 30-day menu for you to follow, a support group, shopping list. And you only buy once and can do it for a lifetime.  What other program does that?  I know Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and a lot of the other ones I’ve tried and failed at — cost that and more a month. 

So what do you have to lose but weight?

Who wants to join me on this challenge?  If you do click any of the links in this post and we can get started.  My first day will be October 21st.  I will also be opening up a group page if you don’t want to be part of a huge group but want support just the same. It is called KIKASS KETO BABES. But you can be part of both.  

So let’s do this and take control of our health and lets kick some Keto Ass.  Share with a friend on Facebook or Pin this so they can take the challenge.  And then come on over and join us on KikAss Keto Babes.


I Quit! Keto is too Hard

I Quit! Keto is too Hard

I Quit, Keto is way too hard.  Really? I hear that all the time.  I see it in the groups that I am in on Facebook.  But, that is one of the many excuses I hear and read.  And it drives me crazy.  Keto is actually quite easy if you have all the information. But, I’ll go into that in a few.

Right now, I want to go into the reasons people are giving up and quitting Keto.  

1.  They don’t have money to do it.  I call BS on this one.  It doesn’t cost any more money to do Keto than it does to eat high carb foods.  Really, it doesn’t.  

2. They aren’t losing any weight.  I know that was the reason I almost gave up.  But, there is a simple fix to that too.

3,  My family/friends don’t support me.  Now, I agree that is a hard one – one that I struggled with for a while.  But I had to find my strength and overcome it.  

4. I don’t know how to count my macros. This is one that gets a lot of people but it is not a reason you should give up. 


I Quit Excuse #1

So you don’t think you have money to do Keto.  Why is that?  What makes Keto more expensive than going to McDonald’s or buying things from your grocery deli or buying whatever it is that you are eating?

All Keto is — is a healthier way of eating.  You don’t have to go out and buy health foods or even organic foods.  


All the foods on that list can be used to make your family their meals also.  If they want potatoes or pasta you add that to their plates.  There is no need to buy separate foods for yourself and your family.  Keto isn’t about using special foods, it’s about eliminating the sugars and starches in your diet to lower your insulin level and the spikes in your blood sugar.  It is a lifestyle change. 

You are still eating real foods so no need to buy all those prepackaged foods.  You can literally make all your meals together and eat basically the same things your family does.


I Quit Excuse #2

I quit I’m not losing the weight like everyone else, or fast enough, or I haven’t lost any weight.  I know, it is frustrating.  I’ve been there.  But there are some quick and simple things you can check to figure out why you aren’t losing weight.  The culprit is usually something really simple and easy to fix.  

I found with myself it is when I haven’t been drinking enough water.  Plain ole water.  When I lower the amount of water I drink I stall out.  So to fix that I go back to the water calculator.

Water is so important to your body and especially if you are following the keto diet.  For more information on the importance of water you can check out this article.

Another thing that people don’t seem to realize is their portions do matter.  Just because you are at 20 net carbs or below doesn’t mean you can eat huge portions.  Calories still count.  Overeating still makes you gain weight.  So I weigh all my food out.  I watch how much I eat.  But another important thing to remember is you can undereat and it will also cause you to stall.

Now, I know many of you will hate this. But, dairy products can cause a stall in a lot of people.  More people have a sensitivity to dairy than they know.  I recommend that you try for a couple of weeks to not use HWC and cheese.  You will see whether or not you get past your stall.  If you do then you might want to try other forms of fats to get your fat macros.  I use coconut oil and MCT oils and only 1-2 T of HWC in my coffee once a day and I noticed my weight started moving down again.  


I Quit Excuse #3

I think the toughest one out of all those excuses is when your family and friends don’t support you.  It is hard when everyone is telling you that it is not good for you.  Or that as soon as you stop eating Keto you will gain all the weight back.  And you know what one of those is actually true.  If you have followed my blog for any period of time you know that Keto helps with a multitude of health issues.  So that is not the one that is true.  But we will start with that one.   

When people tell you that the diet is not healthy for you.   

Ask them this — Is the Doritos, Soda, Cake and Candy Bars good for me?  Watch what they say.  I know some will come back with you’re not eating a balanced diet.  Ask them how it is not balanced?  You eat vegetable and meats and some fruit.  The only thing you are not eating is processed foods and grains.  That is a hard one for some people to understand and honestly, I just tell them I have an intolerance for grains.  Which I do, but so do more people than is known at this time.  

I know some of the women just tell people that they are just cutting out sugars and processed foods and that is just fine.  

However, if you do have health conditions I would suggest talking to your doctor about your diet.  I found that if I just told them that I was cutting out processed foods and high carb foods they were fine with it as long as all my numbers were good.  But I also got really lucky to have a doctor that completely believed in and followed it also.  She just monitored my numbers until they were all within the normal range.  

But another thing to think about is — where were they when you were eating all the crap that made you gain weight.  What were their feelings on how unhealthy that was?  If they didn’t care then then you shouldn’t care now.  You have to do what is best for you and seriously don’t worry about the naysayers.  You’ve got this. 

When people tell you will gain it all back

This one always blows me away.  I think it is funny.  I laugh and say yes, of course, I will — if I go back to eating the way I did before I started the Keto Lifestyle.  But that is not my plan.  I don’t want to be in pain any longer and to feel miserable.  That I really didn’t start the lifestyle to lose weight that it was just an added side effect of my new lifestyle to heal myself without all the drugs.  I hate not feeling good, and I don’t know about the rest of you but I know when I feel better and I’m more active and I have more energy.  

What most people don’t understand that is with any diet you do whether it is low-fat diet a restricted-calorie diet or any other diet is that once you get to your desired weight range, that if you start eating the way you did before starting it you will gain the weight back.  I have found with Keto that I don’t have the cravings to eat like I used to.  I may be different than a lot of people but I enjoy the food I eat.  And if I decide that I want something that is not in my food choices I limit it.  It is all about control.  

Family/Friends that Sabatoge

This is the hardest one of them all.  Your family and friends who bring all of your old favorites over when they see you even though they know you don’t eat or drink it any longer.

Until they understand that this your life that they are messing with they will keep on trying.  This one makes me very angry.  I feel if they truly love you they will try and help you any way they can to make you healthier and live longer by lowering the temptations.  You wouldn’t bring alcohol to an alcoholic, heroin to an addict, and that is exactly how I explain it.  Food is an addiction for a lot of us.  It gives the same type of high in some people as drugs.  Sugar is highly addictive.   An article on Healthline goes into detail regarding it.  It is worth printing out and showing those who don’t think it is a problem.  Did you know that Americans went from eating 2 lbs a year to eating 152 lbs a year?  That is freaking crazy right.  I love this article regarding sugar and the effects of it on your body.  Also, check out a previous post on here regarding the inflammation it causes.  

So in conclusion to this section, you know what is best for you and if you are seeking the opinion of someone ion how it will affect your body the only one that should matter besides your own is your physicians.  

I Quit Excuse #4

Now, there is no excuse on this one.  There are so many places you can learn to count your Macros.  In this day and age, you can find everything online.  Whether it be an app on your phone or google.    

My favorite app and it is free is CarbManager.  It is simple to use and it works with Dirty/Lazy Keto or Strict/Clean Keto.  You can download it to your phone and actually use the online version.  But if you want an easy way I also did a post on it.  

So, no excuses.  You’ve got this girl. 

This is something that irritates me about all the groups I am in.  Sorry if this is YOU. Not really.

This something that makes me so incredibly mad in groups and I have to keep my fingers from hitting the keys and saying something that will make people mad.  And it is not because I have created my own program or I promote some other programs.  Because I don’t promote things that won’t or don’t work.  I know they do because I have done them.  I test everything I promote or recommend.

This Makes Me Mad – “That program is a scam.”

I hate when people tell you a program is a scam.  Just because you have to pay money for it. That is not the fact.  I’m not saying all the programs are good for you and I am not saying that some of them aren’t’.  And yes you can find a lot of information online for free.  And no you don’t need a program to do Keto.

But if you are struggling and wanting something that works then why not get a proven system that does.  People spend thousands of dollars on pills and potions to lose weight.  They get gastric bypass surgeries to lose weight because they have tried all types of WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS ON THEIR OWN to lose weight. 

I am one of the ones that have bought so many diet programs, exercise programs, and pills trying to lose weight. But when I found Keto and a program that helped me kick start my weight loss in a big way I felt motivated to continue going and not give up.

UGH – No two People are the Same

That diet was SPEED KETO.  But it was not everything I needed so I created my own based on the same concept with less fasting and removing all inflammatory foods.  That is how KikStart Keto came about.  Not because I want to make a bug off of a sucker. But because I found something that worked for me and I wanted to share it with the world. 

And yes I could give it away for free.  But there is a lot of information in both of them, plus recipes and education on Keto.  I know I put a lot of work into Kikstart Keto and the cookbooks that come with it.  You wouldn’t work for free so why should the creators of such programs do the work for free to make Keto easy for others that are struggling. 

Also, people every day pay for diet programs.  Such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and so many more that aren’t considered scam diet programs and cost a lot more money than either of these programs.

So please don’t tell someone that a system is a scam unless you know for a fact it is.  Sometimes, these programs can actually motivate and teach a person that yes they can do Keto and that isn’t as hard as they thought it was going to be.  These programs can mean the difference between succeeding with their weight loss because they see results or giving up because they don’t see results.

One more example – would you tell your kids that they didn’t need to go to school or college because all the information that they need can be found on YouTube or the internet. I didn’t think so.

Let’s Support Each Other

Some people need the information and a laid out plan for them to succeed.  And I know both of these programs have a 30-90 day money-back guarantee.  So what do they have to lose but weight and a multitude of health problems that go with being overweight? 

Please stop discouraging people to do what is best for them because you were able to do without.  I am one of those people that like to follow a plan from beginning to end and I get discouraged if I don’t see results.  I have done it on my own and did tons of research but I can tell you when I followed a plan even my own it was more successful than the everyday guessing on what I was going to eat.


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