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So are you using the Delivery Food Services such as UberEats and Door Dash during this pandemic? I know you all are stuck in your homes like me if you are not at work. And I know that we are all tired of cooking. Well, at least I am. It is such a crazy time and I went from cooking 1 meal a day to having to prepare 3 meals or more a day for my family and it get so overwhelming, because nobody wants the same the same thing. And you all know how much I hate to cook. So, yes I have been using delivery service to make them happy.

How are you doing with them, if you are using them? How is your Keto journey going during the lockdown? Overall, how are you doing?

I find that I am struggling with boredom eating. I will pop things in my mouth even when I am not hungry. I hate that. But I have been working on replacing the food that I may pop in my mouth by exchanging it with water. I use a splash of MIO in my drink and it gives me some flavor. It has been a mental struggle. I have to ask myself every time I go to grab some food. Am I really hungry? Which 9 out of 10 times I am not.

Remember there is always the whole food delivery services also

What can you do?

  • I found some things that I do that have helped. I find that if I ask myself if I am hungry and actually answer myself out loud then I can hear myself say no I am not hungry and I won’t eat something.
  • I also find that if I keep on my intermittent fasting routine and bet myself something like getting to get off my self imposed to do list for the day to do something like reading I do amazingly.
  • Also, a big thing, I found that if I meditate in the morning I have more discipline.

Those are just a few of things I have found that make it easier. But also, I find it easier to order for my family through Doordash to get them food. With the free delivery right now it makes it easy for me so that I am not tempted with food. If I don’t prepare it I don’t taste it. But I also found that I love them. I can still eat Keto eating restaurant food. But it is not always easy. Completely Keto has on the go Keto. Which gives you all the foods you can eat from quiet a few different restaurants. It makes my life so much easier keeping me on track.

Some real good pluses with the On the Go Keto:

  • Never get kicked out of Ketosis
  • Covers all major fast food restaurants
  • Always know what to order
  • Discover which restaurants to avoid

It will also help when we all get to go back in the world and we want to eat out. We want to experience the world again. We want to see people. I don’t know how much your world will change once this lifts. I know I plan on taking things slowly since I am one of the people that are at higher risk and so are my two boys. They both have asthma and have had multiple bouts of pneumonia. But I know at least one of them want to go out and he is going crazy staying in the house all day. He is my active, always moving child. He can barely contain his self.

Using Delivery Service

I have found that using delivery service has brought some normalcy to our lives. It brings some of the world to us. Making it easier on my kids and even my husband, even though he has been back to work after his shop made it possible to follow the social distancing rules. I am still at home working and doing homeschooling. I actually love it. I’m finding it easy. But I know and understand not everyone is like me. I am an outgoing person and I am a go getter. But, I would rather do it from home. I am not a person that likes to go and do sit down dinners at restaurants, so after this all over I will probably continue doing the delivery service.

A little story about myself, just a precursor I am a person that passes out in crowds, yeah I am one of those.

So here is the story: (it is short)

I was at a good friends fathers funeral service, it was a grave side service, I was in the front with the family and what did I do right there and then, I passed out and almost ended up in the grave site along with the casket.

See short story, but I have done the same things at concerts and restaurants. It is embarrassing but that was the worse and still brought up by the family. But the plus about that incident I gave them a reason to laugh at that time. Oh and they did.

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