How does what you eat affect your depression? Okay, I am going to be brutally honest here. I have been eating like total and utter crap lately. So much has changed in my life over the last 2 months. I got my new job, and school has started for my kids and I am struggling with it all. Having to change my thought path is the hardest.

And with changing that thought path I became overwhelmed. I know getting my new job was a good thing for my family. But I didn’t want to work for an outside company. I wanted to grow my own business and taking the job took time away from that. And caused me to stress eat. Yep, I said it, I stressed ate. Which included all the things that make me feel miserable. Because what you eat can affect your depression.

So what foods affect my depression? The foods that are an absolute no go for me are grains, foods high in refined sugar. And they are also my go-to when I am stressed. Even though I know they cause me a lot of pain. But I caught myself and limited myself. Even though I did limit those foods I still suffered the consequences of my eating. My hands and feet are stiff and sore. I feel bloated and my depression got the best of me yesterday.

I woke up angry and felt alone. You are probably asking why is a Keto or Low Carb blogger telling you about a slip-up? Simple, it is easy to preach about sticking to your guns and following a diet strictly but you know what that isn’t me. I am human I’m not a machine. I make mistakes and I want you to know that I understand when you do too.

Messing up – And My Depression and the Food

I’ve noticed over the years that if I eat certain foods, I become that “woe is me girl”. And that is what happened yesterday. I woke up sad, mad, aggravated and discouraged and crying. I felt alone in my world. Like no one cared about my goals or dreams. Which is so far from the truth. My family supports me in all of my endeavors.

But even more than that I felt like I didn’t have any friends. I looked online, and no one, I looked at my cell phone again no one. But it wasn’t them. It was me. They have texted me over the last month and I didn’t have time for them. I haven’t posted online in a while or responded to messages that I have received. So again me.

I made excuses to everyone over the last month that I didn’t have time to do this or that because of work or my many other things. But in reality, I was sitting on my couch stuffing my face because I wasn’t happy. I was upset and depressed and most of all ashamed of the way I had been eating. I wasn’t this Keto Guru I was proclaiming to be to all of them and they would know.

But more than what I was eating was causing my depression

The way I started eating is what caused me to be unhappy. The foods that I have restricted with Keto are the foods that cause inflammation in my body. I know this I did a whole article on it called Keto & Depression which explains what you eat affects your depression. I think I knew it last week when I wrote the article about the 30-day challenge. So today is my first day of that challenge.

So far so good. I have stayed on track. And by this time next month, I should be my old self. No more self-doubt. Because I do know what the Keto Lifestyle has done for me. It has transformed me into a new person. I know that I can get my web-design company off the ground. I am good at it, I have my first three clients already booked. How, my friends, the ones that I thought were not there for me.

You Come Into This World Alone and you Leave it Alone.

This is a saying that kept popping into my head over the last month or so. And the more I thought about it the more I knew it wasn’t correct. I know many of you may argue that. But hear me out.

When you are born, you are born with your mother right there. Even if she gave you up for adoption, she still had you, and she was still there. You weren’t alone. There were also doctors and staff on hand in many cases. I know this isn’t true in all cases but I know it was mine. My mom and my whole family were there for my birth.

My family has been there for every struggle. Even when I was going through all the testing I went through for my pain. They were there. My friends had my back and my family held my hands. I didn’t do it on my own even my birth I didn’t do it on my own – to tell you the truth my mom did most of the work.

As for my eating, that I did alone, my husband and my kids all told me that I shouldn’t be eating the things I did, they knew it would make me feel bad, but I made the choice, but on the flip side they are right there for me when I told them I needed their help to take control back and feel better again.

You are not alone

I am not alone in this journey and neither are you. If you don’t have the support of your family and friends you do have it from me. I will help you in any way that I can. You can hit me up on my facebook page, you can email, you can come over to the group and ask questions, I am here for you.

Depression sucks and feeling alone sucks even more. Foods cause my depression, foods cause my pain in my body, foods cause me to gain weight and feel bad about myself. But I am the one making the choice to eat those foods. Knowing full well what they do to me.

Alone but not Alone

Now, I know many people die alone, but think about this – I read obituaries, I know that is kind of dark, but it was actually my job at one time to look at all of them when I was a paralegal for an estate planning and probate attorney and I still do it to this day. We would read them to see if any of our estate clients passed and then we would contact the families and send out flowers during their time of grieving to let them know they were in our thoughts and not alone.

But the more I read the more I realized even then that families still came together for each other. And the person that passed was not alone. So many of the articles said they were surrounded by their families and friends in the end, and others said they passed peacefully in their sleep. Even then they were not alone, they were in the thoughts of their loved ones and their friends.

Don’t get me wrong I hear of the horrors of the world and how people do die alone. But from this day forward I am going to think about my life and about those around me, those in my own circle and let them all know that they may be alone in their homes, alone in their thoughts, but that they are never truly alone because I am there for them. Just like I am there for you.

My Goal of this Blog

My goal with this blog is not selling you things, I do promote things here that I truly believe in and I do make a commission on some. But my goal is to educate you and help you be the best you that you can be. I know how it feels to feel alone on this journey, but I want you to know that you are not. I am here to help and I will answer any and all questions.

And the reason behind this post is to let you know that food does have a lot to do with depression. Whether it be the way certain foods can affect your body and cause inflammation and chemical reactions in your body that increase depression and the way you can fix it or at least make it better.

But even more is that I mess up, I go off Keto, I am not perfect and you don’t have to be either. Depression is a serious thing, it makes your head go to a very dark place and I myself don’t like that place. And if making certain tweaks to my diet can help that I will do it.

So as for the thirty-day challenge, I am starting it today. Pick your program. I am doing Speed Keto this month because of their large support group, but you can choose the one you want to do. There is also KikStart Keto. You don’t even have to do a program just follow Strict Keto, but I do I highly recommend a program because they do give structure with no guessing or research. Remember what you eat can affect your depression, and getting just a little bit ahead of it can mean so much in the big picture.

Just take 30 days and see how you feel. Also, know that I have your back. I may not know you face to face, but I do understand the struggles of not feeling adequate, not knowing what I am doing wrong and then finding out that it is not me but the what I am eating that is affecting my depression and causing the chronic pain in my body.

So who is joining me – Comment below, come over and join the facebook group. And let’s do this together because there is no need to be alone.

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