I know I said I was doing a post on Asthma and Inflammation for the Inflammation Series but decided to do one on doing Keto when your family doesn’t. I’m researching more on the Asthma and Inflammation to get as much helpful information I can.

Keto and Your Family

I know my family doesn’t want to do Keto with me. But, guess what they are. Just not as strict. Nice right?!

So this is exactly how I do it.

1. Planning Meals

I find recipes that are Keto Approved of the foods they like whether it be things such as tacos, burgers, spaghetti, and one of their favorites is my Chicken Adobo. Recipe is below

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Burgers are easy because you can eat without the bun and the same with Tacos. The Spaghetti is a little more difficult because you need to do separate noodles and make sure that you use low carb sauce. I have found an amazing one. That I absolutely love and my family doesn’t even know it is Keto. Yay me. They still get their noodles. I just use the Zoodles.

2. Check Labels

This is an important one since even though they don’t want to eat Keto their health is still of importance to you. I stay away from buying processed anything. I don’t like the prepackaged foods. Just looking at them makes me hurt. All those chemicals in them are nuts and you don’t want to feed that to your family.

So a tip I was told was to stick to the outside radius of the store. That is where all your whole foods are. But if your store is anything like mine you need to skip the bakery and the hot deli items. Haha.

Also, if you are checking the labels you can find things you can eat and that they will like. It makes it easier all around. One thing that I do use that I probably shouldn’t is on occasion I like a soft taco in a tortilla. I found that Mission makes a good low carb one and my family can’t even tell.

I also found a recipe that I love for making soft tacos tortillas when I have time. Because the only thing not on keto is the wheat flour. Here is a link to the recipe.

3. Make the food you can eat

Now, this is funny in my house. I make foods and desserts that I can eat on Keto and buy drinks that I am allowed to drink. Guess what my family likes them better than the store-bought versions every time.

Really, they like my food better than a lot of the classics. Like homemade ice cream and fat bombs my, OMG, my kids love those. I actually have to hide them so I have some. I’ve even made cloud bread cheese danishes that they love.

Their favorite, however, is my blue cream slushy. Especially my boys.

Quick easy delicious Keto drink for you or the kids.  Tips and tricks of the Keto Lifestyle and Diet

A really simple recipe to:

  1. Fill blender halfway with Ice
  2. Pour cold filtered water over ice so that it covers ice
  3. Put in a couple of squirts of the Berry Blast Mio (to taste you can add more if needed after blending)
  4. Add 2-4 T of Heavy Whipping cream
  5. Blend.

Now you can even whip up some whipped cream and top it on it. Great evening dessert.

5. Time

Now, I know you may not get this one but time really comes into play. Husbands and kids take time to realize that you are not so much eating on a diet but that you are eating healthier. And that the food does not taste like diet food but is actually really good.

That actually was the biggest factor in my house. They worried they wouldn’t get their sandwiches, burgers and tacos, but they have come to love the burger wraps and the taco wraps. They taste better and you don’t get that stale processed taste of a burger.

So time and creative working in of foods that you all like with the Keto tweaks and you can get your family all on board with eating Keto and they won’t even know. Heck, I even got my husband to start cooking me breakfast in the mornings on the weekend and he cooks totally Keto and he doesn’t even miss the bread. Either do the kids.

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I am going to post my chicken Adobe recipe below I hope you all enjoy it.

Chicken Adobe Recipe

Chicken Adobo

Delicious Filipino Style Chicken Adobo
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time1 hr 15 mins
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Filipino
Keyword: Adobe Chicken, Asian, Chicken, Easy, Filipino
Servings: 5 servings
Calories: 588kcal
Author: Jennie Schroder


  • Large Pot


  • 5 each Chicken Legs
  • 5 each Chicken Breast halves
  • 2 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar
  • 1 whole Onion Diced
  • 3 cloves Garlic Minced
  • 2 T Ginger Fresh
  • ½ Cup Tamari Low Sodium
  • 4 Cup Water You Can add More if Needed
  • 4 T Olive Oil extra Virgin
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Add 1/2 the Olive Oil to Pot and get hot
  • Add chicken and sear and brown
  • Remove from Pot
  • Add remaining Oil to Pan and saute ginger, onion and garlic until onions are translucent
  • Add, water, tamari and vinegar
  • Then put the chicken back in and bring up to a boil then reduce heat to medium-low
  • Cook for one hour
  • Remove chicken from the pot into a large serving bowl and turn the temp up to Medium-High and reduce the sauce to about half of its original and then pour over chicken
  • Serve with Cauliflower Rice and Enjoy

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