Okay, I haven’t used meal delivery service unless you call Ubereats or Doordash meal delivery services. But I have been checking into them. Just to make my time at home more at home instead of going into the store and picking up groceries. I was given this amazing article by Consumer Advocate and they reviewed some of the ones out there. It is a comprehensive guide of different meal delivery services out there for different lifestyles.

Meal Prep

That article had me second guessing things. I mean OMG those prices. But then when I broke it down it is basically what I spend on food anyways. But is it the best option for a budget friendly family. No, probably not. And that is what they talk about in the meal delivery service article. But if you are looking for meals to be delivered to you that is not restaurant food and you want fresh they are a great way to go. Now, as to be Keto friendly I would still definitely go with meal prepping your food.

Why? Because even now, during the Covid-19 pandemic we still have to eat. With meal prepping you only shop once a week. Prepare the foods whether it is cooking them and then refrigerating them or portioning them out so all you have to do is cook the day you plan on eating them. We do both in my house. I put together a freezer bag of the food I will be cooking and label each day. The ones that I will be using to slow cooking the food I take out the day before I want to make it, and then in the morning I put it in the slow cooker. Viola! I have my dinner going for the evening giving me my evening to spend with my family and with little clean up.

Soon, I am hoping that I can add a air fryer to the mix. And then I can really shake things up and hopefully make my life a lot more simple. I still hate cooking even after a month of cooking almost every meal every day. I don’t think I will ever be the mom who loves to cook.


Remember, that it is a personal choice and right now we have to make that personal choice to limit our exposure and contact with people. And meal prepping and even meal delivery is a great way to do that.

I hope you all are staying safe. This is a strange time for everyone and it is difficult to navigate your way through. So adding Keto to the mix can be frustrating. I totally get that and I also get that food is comfort for many of us. It helps alleviate our boredom and I myself have been known to stress eat on things that I love. But we will make it out of this and we will be stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead in our lives.

If any of you have questions or just want to talk remember I am one email away please let me know how you are handling things and how I can help.

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