So I decided to give you my Top 10 Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet. There are more than 10. Way more. But I figured 10 is a good starting point. If you have been following me for a while you know that I have had some health issues, and I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my daughter 20 years ago. But there is so much more to it than that.

#1 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

My number one reason for doing the Keto diet is for my health. It has helped me feel better. But it is not the reason I started it. But it’s the reason I continued doing it. I started Keto because I wanted to lose weight. And I knew that people had amazing results.

My overall health has improved dramatically. I no longer need my inhaler. I haven’t had any asthma issues since starting and no longer even have an issue with my allergies. Which is amazing because I have had to deal with them my entire life.

Joint Pain, Inflammation, Keto and Joint Pain Relief, Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

My blood pressure is lower. I’ve never had extremely high blood pressure. I think the highest I remember it was at 125/79, but just this morning when I tested it it was 99/67. I think that is damn good. And that is is the vicinity it stays throughout the day.

But the best thing ever is that I no longer have chronic pain. My body is my own again. My headaches have decreased tremendously. I still get an occasional one, but who doesn’t when they have two young boys.

#2 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

The food. There alone is a good one. I have never been a big foodie not like a lot of people around me. Which my husband is the biggest. I have always struggled with Food.

As a young girl, I was taught to clean my plate and was not allowed to leave the table until I had. But that changed as in my teen years and early adulthood all I heard was “Through the lips to the hips.” Which was detrimental to my relationship with food and I developed bad eating habits.

I’d starve myself and limit myself to low calorie, low-fat foods. Eating about 300 calories a day on most days and there were some days that I would feel fat and not eat at all. I wouldn’t even drink coffee I would just eat the grounds so that I wouldn’t get the calories from cream and sugar.

But when I did get hungry and I did. I would go on a binge and would eat everything that my roommates and then go and get food in fast food places. I was that girl. Binge and then feel guilty and go and get rid of it as soon as my mind went to the fat place and start starving my body again.

Body Dysphoria, Ketogenic Health, Keto Weight Loss, Energy, Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

My Secret Struggle

Things that few people knew about me is that I would stand in front of a full-length mirror naked and wiggle and jump to see if anything jiggled. If it did I would starve myself. There was a point in time that I weighed 85 lbs. I was 21 years old, 5’1 and weighed 85 lbs and guess what — I thought I was fat.

I would weigh myself daily, take my measurements and started taking things to so I would not gain weight and suppress my appetite. It was an unhealthy obsession. There was even a point in my 20s that I had a competition with a girl at work where we would weigh ourselves on a digital scale at work. And if I weighed more than her I would take diuretics so that I weighed less than her the next day.

As I Got Older

As I got older and started dating my now-husband, I began cooking and eating with him. But all the damage I did to my body caused me to start putting on weight. I was terrified. But, he is a food pusher – not a bad thing.

He loves to eat but you would never know it by looking at him. He didn’t struggle with excess weight and his eating habits were healthy. Eating only until he was full, and not eating when he wasn’t hungry. I, on the other hand, had that mentality that I needed to clean my plate or I was wasting food. So I did, and I even started finishing the food on his plate when I cleaned up.

That continued until I had my daughter at 26 and was 200+. Not a good thing for a person who already has issues with eating disorders. I started the yo-yo dieting. Trying every diet I could find to lose weight and working out all the time.

At 30, I stumbled across Atkins and that is when I had success. I lost the weight and got down to a healthy weight for my height. But, I hurt all over, started getting migraines. My doctor recommended a breast reduction and I did that but it did nothing for my pain throughout my body.

Two children later and a good 18 years go by and I stumble across Keto. I research it and find it is basically the same as Atkins that I did way back when.

Healing Begins

I am now 46 years old. Still struggling with my relationship with food and my weight and my pain through my body. In walks Keto after a myriad of other diets again. I follow a simple meal plan that I found from a group on Facebook called Speed Keto.

I know there is no reason to buy a meal plan while doing Keto, you can google everything and read books on it and learn it on your own. But why? It’s cheap for one and there was no guesswork. It was done for me. I didn’t have to go and research everything and find what I could and couldn’t eat, I didn’t have to count macros, I didn’t have to find recipes, and I had people that were struggling with the same things I was that I could talk to. And I saw the results people were having on it. Mind made up, I purchased it for $39, downloaded it an printed it out and boom.

The food was amazing. I learned intermittent fasting and I lost weight. I began changing my relationship with food. We are friends again.

Life-Changing Find

But I still had body pain. Ugh, not as bad as before but I needed to figure out why. Doctors couldn’t after many many tests. I needed to do more research. I came across an article about Lectins and how they cause inflammation. You can check out the articles here by Dr. Gundry.

Gundry MD

As I followed the advice of Dr. Gundry and removed almost all the high lectin based foods out of my diet I started to feel less and less pain throughout my body. And so many things changed. I had less monthly cramps, less bloating and no more joint pain. Win… That is when I came up with KikStart Keto.

KikStart Keto is a meal plan that is easy to follow and it removes all the inflammation-causing foods. It is the exact meal plan I follow for my life. And that leads to me to my other Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet.

#3 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

Energy. I have so much more energy. No longer is there that feeling of exhaustion when I wake up in the morning. I can get up at 5 am and I am full of energy. Enough to clean the house, work on this lovely blog of mine. And play with my kids.

Seriously, I can’t remember a time in my life that I get so much done. My house is the way I want it. Clean wise. It is still not my dream house but it is organized and clean. I can see countertops and the laundry is actually done and put up on the same day.

Energy with Keto Diet, Ketogenic gains, Keto Diet, Fitness on Keto Diet, Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

I used to wake up exhausted. Either from the pain in my body keeping me up or just not getting quality of sleep. But my mind doesn’t race anymore at night and keep me up. I had bouts of insomnia for years. But since starting KikStart Keto I don’t have that. I feel rested and ready for the day when I wake up each morning

#4 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

My family. I am feeding my family healthier foods. I have seen the difference in the way they eat and their choices in foods. My husband even cooks for me. He cooks me these delicious omelets every weekend. And he is making healthier food choices and taking leftovers to work for lunch instead of getting fast food.

My kids are drinking water and eating healthier. I don’t know if I have mentioned it in my blog but my middle son is autistic and has a very limited diet he will eat. But with the changes to the way we eat and what I bring into the house, he is actually eating better and more foods. And I have also witnessed fewer meltdowns. That is a real win for our family.

#5 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

Weight… I have lost some all without starving. To date, I have lost over 45 lbs. but I am not the only one. My son that I mentioned above has. By removing 80% of the sugary foods and drinks from the house he has leaned out and hasn’t gained more weight even though he has grown over 5 inches this summer.

I am not the girl I used to be that obsessed over her weight. But, I want to be healthy. I don’t have a particular weight in mind but I want to be out of the overweight category and that means I will need to lose 40 lbs. And at my age, now almost 47 years old is harder. But I know that it is possible and that as I progress on this journey I am learning that it is not just about the weight but more about my health.

#6 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

Mentally clarity. This is another big one for me. When I was yo-yo dieting I felt like I was always in a fog. My brain would stop functioning I swear. I even lost a job 3 years ago because of it.

I would forget stupid things. Things that were very important to my job. I felt like I was losing my mind. But since following Keto, I can stay on track, I stay focused on my goals and my tasks. My mind doesn’t wander to a million different places. It is an amazing feeling not to be a scatterbrain.

And that is another thing I have noticed with my son with autism. He can focus on his tasks with more attention. He’s not full Keto, but by removing the foods that cause inflammation from his diet, the high sugary drinks and carb-heavy foods he is able to do everyday things such as schoolwork and reading. He is actually excelling in some of his studies that he was failing before.

Autism, Brain Fog, Brain Health, Reason for doing Keto

And my youngest son, who as a premie is gaining weight by eating healthier and his ADHD is better controlled by diet than it ever was on medication.

It always amazes me. That such simple tweaks in diet can do so much good or so much damage. I thought that I was feeding them healthy before, a well-balanced diet. But, the foods I was feeding them was exasperating their bodies and causing a lot of the symptoms they were having.

#7 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

Food bill is lower. I always thought that eating healthier would be more expensive. But you take out the fast foods, the sodas, (or as we call them here in the Pacific Northwest POP), the other sugary drinks such as juices, boxed foods, and go to whole natural foods your body does not crave as much food. You get filled up on good fats, proteins, and leafy healthy vegetables and you don’t get as hungry as often. So no need for a lot of snack foods. More money in your pocket to do fun things.

#8 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

This has a little bit to do with health but not completely. I don’t have to get all the different medications my family was taking, I would buy acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, allergy pills, allergy (rash) ointment, PMS medication, my youngest son’s ADHD medication, Pepto, Miralax and others, I can’t even remember them all. But, since doing KikStart Keto I haven’t had to buy any of them.

#9 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

I haven’t had to go to the doctors and be a pincushion. I feel healthy like mentioned above and have no issues. My yearly appointments are the only things I go to now and the kids are not getting sick as they use too. Which is a total game-changer for me.

#10 – Reasons for Doing the Keto Diet

I’ve learned. I know it might not seem like a good reason for doing the Keto Diet. But, here is the reason it is fo me. I have learned to have a good relationship with food. That is something I didn’t have until this point. I also learned how food affects my body, mind and spirit. I don’t have bouts with depression or anxiety anymore. There is no struggle to be the thinnest girl, or that food is the enemy. It isn’t I was my own worst enemy!

How?? I deprived my body of what it needed to thrive and when I did feed it I gave it things that were causing inflammation and making me feel miserable. I obsessed over what I was told was good for me and it turns out was making me feel the way I did.


Bonus reason why: I don’t have to go work out in a gym to lose weight and get into better shape. I am more active and have more energy to go out and move. My body doesn’t hurt to walk and move. So I get exercise without feeling miserable. Yay Me!

And I owe it all to Kikstart Keto. The program that I put together to help myself. It is Keto with a twist. And if you have tried Keto and failed because of not knowing what to do or how to do it. Or if you have tried Keto and still didn’t feel better give it a try.

If you don’t want to do a program. Try removing peanuts, tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables from your diet and see how you feel. That was my turning point. Here is an article that explains lectins and what they are.

In Conclusion

Keto has changed my life. See some more examples of how Keto has truly made my life better.

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