As you all know I am a big Speed Keto fan and I always talk about my Speed Keto Journey and now I am an affiliate and yes the links below are affiliate links.  Don’t worry though they won’t cost you a cent more to buy I may receive a small commission. But more than that you will see life-changing results. Just know that I never promote anything I don’t do myself or use myself.  I love Speed Keto so much I wish I could shout it from the rooftops.  It has made my life easier. 

Speed Keto has helped me lose weight and feel a million times better. You can read here about my journey.  But I had a little slip up not too long ago. But I am back on the Speed Keto Wagon. So I am doing this quick update about my continuing Journey on Speed Keto.

If you don’t know what fat-adapted is in Keto it is when your body is burning fat as its main source of fuel. Thank goodness I didn’t completely fail at Keto when I slipped up and fell out of the wagon. I was able to jump right back into my lifestyle and continue on this amazing journey.

I started back on Speed Keto on the 20th of October, right before Halloween one of my favorite holidays. I knew I would only have a little over a month to get back to being fat-adapted in about a month period before we get slammed with all the holiday sweets.

Illness Hits

But guess what I got sick.  Yay me! I don’t recommend doing Speed Keto when you are really sick. I had the flu.  Not that you can’t but your energy level will be really low and preparing meals is hard.  I did do the fasts because I didn’t feel like eating regular food so I stuck with the broth and drank my electrolytes.  So in a way, I did stick with it.

So this post is not all about Speed Keto but that I am still continuing and starting over from the beginning.  But the program is so good and easy to follow it will not be a problem.

Let’s Dive into My Continuing Journey with Speed Keto

As you know I fully back Speed Keto.  Not just because it works for me, but from all the results I’ve seen from so many others.  I’ve watched women and men totally transform their bodies, but even more than that they have transformed their health.

I’ve watched women that were dependant on insulin being told that they didn’t need it any longer.  Women fighting chronic pain no longer hurting.  I find it amazing.  Seeing families doing it together improving their lives just by changing how they eat.

I myself have found that I can keep up with all my children’s activities and my own responsibilities.  I normally feel 100% better when following the speed keto plan.  I have found that as soon as I eat differently I start feeling bad again.  I know it is not the same for everyone. But for me, I need to stick with the plan and if you read my other posts you will know that.

So what is Speed Keto

So what exactly is Speed Keto?  It is a program that has changed my life. It is a complete meal plan, recipes.  There are no counting macros which makes it easy for the newbies out there. It is an educational program that tells you how Keto works.  

Speed Keto is a community of like-minded individuals who want to lose weight and get healthier supporting each other.  There are over 30,000 people in the group.  But if you want to be in a smaller group you can always join the Guns, Buns and Abs group. 

Speed Keto helps you gain momentum in your weight loss goals.  It teaches you how to introduce yourself to intermittent fasting. Which I have found has helped me drop weight fast and get me fat-adapted a lot sooner.   

Completely Keto also has a lot of other things you can get on their site. My new favorite is the Mocha MCT, the New Strawberry Smoothie which is going fast and the delicious electrolytes. So head over and take a look.

How Speed Keto Has Helped Me

I’m sure you are asking how does this have anything to do with my continuing speed keto journey?  Well, simple it has taught me that by following Speed Keto my body has started changing and has begun to heal from all the foods I used to put into my body.

My inflammation is under control as long as I am following the program or a modified version of it.  I have lost a good amount of weight to date. Soon I will share before and after pictures with you.  I’m still not a confident person I should be.  I’ve my self-doubts about my progress.  I see the scale move, I see my clothes get looser, but I see that big girl in the mirror. So as my confidence builds I will start sharing more.  

I may even have my husband take some pictures of me soon. So I can be the person I am encouraging you to be.  Keep reading for some more exciting info.  Something I am working toward and more ways I can help you all.  

Send Me Your Speed Keto Stories Please

So, ladies, I know a lot of you have done Speed Keto, and I want your stories.  Send me your success stories, your challenges and whatnot. I want to share them.  If you want it to be anonymous I can do that.  But I want people to see that Speed Keto works.  Email me at  I would really love before and after pictures if you don’t mind being on a the blog here.  

And if you haven’t started your Speed Keto Journey yet.  What’s stopping you? Email me your questions or concerns.  I might just have the answers.   

Some News other Than Speed Keto

In other news today, something exciting.  I am getting my Keto and Intermittent fasting education and will soon be a Certified Coach.  I am dedicated to giving you all the best information I can and I am always researching and learning about Keto.  I am no expert but I hope to be always learning to provide answers to your questions.  

I may not be a huge recipe girl. I hate cooking. But I love being healthy and I know you do too. So as I learn I will be teaching you also so that you can have the best life possible and a delicious time getting time there. 

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