Your health needs you to take control.  I know you all know that.  But I’m telling you that because that is the issue I had.  I kept on having all these aches and pains.  But it took me forever to take control.  And even to this day, I lose it.  

I’ve been struggling with my Keto Journey lately.  One reason is because of the new job I started a little while.  If you are on my email list you might have heard that I got a new job.  It isn’t stressful, but I am no longer at home and I am having a difficult time find food around where I am working that keeps me on track.

So instead of eating, I have been doing my intermittent fasting.  That is all well in good, but it really isn’t something that works for me everyday.

So How can I Take Back Control of My Health

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this.  I have decided to do Speed Keto again.  I had so much success with it and it also has me meal prepping.  I will be starting this on the 20th.  I am going to do a Keto Costco run and buy everything I need for my first two weeks.  It is a thirty-day program to get me back on track. And to feeling good again.

30 Days to turn around my health again and get on track before the Holidays when it is the hardest.  The sweets, all the foods with gluten in them.  That is my downfall.  I like pies, and I like all the delicious holiday dishes. But if I am on track I can make it through the holidays fine.  Why because I will see progress again. And that will motivate me to stay strong.


So Why Do I Say take Control of My Health

Because over the last 6 weeks I have eaten food that has made my hands and joints started hurting again.  My digestion is all off and I am not feeling well.  My energy level is so low, it is even hard to type out this post.  

I did it to myself and that sucks.  I made excuses as to the reason why I was doing this.  That I had felt better and that what would just one little bite do.  I know I said in last week’s post that it is alright to fall off. And it is. 

But would you eat eggs if you were allergic? Would you drink milk if you were going to make you sick? You wouldn’t eat or feed peanuts to a person with allergies to them. No. You wouldn’t.  

Why do we eat foods that make us feel sick? Because we don’t have a life-threatening allergy to them.  But it reality after much thought, it may not be a severe allergy like peanut allergies, but your body does not want those foods.  It is literally telling you that. By the inflammation, by the lethargic feeling, you get when you eat it, by the weight gain. 

So I say take control of my health because nobody but me can do that.  I can control what I put into my body. I know the foods that make me hurt and cause me to gain weight. Those are the foods that I will not be eating. 

Why use Speed Keto to Take Control

The reason why I am going to use Speed Keto is simple.  It is a laid out plan that I can follow.  I know I have KikStart as my own program I designed. But I want the accountability and the community that comes with Speed Keto.

See I know how to do Keto. I know how to track my macros, what foods are accepted and what foods are not. I know how to cook Keto.  It is simple and the information is all online for you to find.  But Speed Keto and KikStart Keto have the menu you follow. Cookbook, and daily schedule for you to follow.  

They are both structured to get the best results in a short amount of time.  But best of all you can meal prep a week in advance and you don’t have to decide what to eat what night or day.  You don’t have to figure it out. And that is what I need right now.  I need more structure.  

But why not my own program – Simple the community of Speed Keto there are over 29K people in that group.  They are strict and they call you out on your excuses.  But they are also helpful and motivating.  

Also, I am going to do mine the next month, after Thanksgiving.  Variety is the key to my success but also the support.  

My Challenge to YOU – To Take Control of Your Health

So here is my challenge to you.  Make the end of 2019 your best yet and take control of your health.  Join me on the 20th and get your Speed Keto Program, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, but even more that it comes with a group who will support you, daily menu, recipes, a full cookbook with all the recipes, a weekly shopping list and the success of people who have done it.  

These are only three examples of the Speed Keto Family.  And I love it.  So many amazing examples of people who followed the meal plan and won on their Keto Journey.  This a program I truly believe in and they are an inspiration to me and my goals.  

I know many people will say this is a scam that you don’t have to pay for Keto. In reality, you don’t have to pay for any diet.  You just research it and do it.  Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, all of them.  But millions of people every day are buying pills, miracle shakes in a bottle just to lose weight. This isn’t that.  It is a program that you spend $39 on, it comes with the cookbook, which I know is worth the $39 itself, but it also comes with a laid-out 30-day menu for you to follow, a support group, shopping list. And you only buy once and can do it for a lifetime.  What other program does that?  I know Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and a lot of the other ones I’ve tried and failed at — cost that and more a month. 

So what do you have to lose but weight?

Who wants to join me on this challenge?  If you do click any of the links in this post and we can get started.  My first day will be October 21st.  I will also be opening up a group page if you don’t want to be part of a huge group but want support just the same. It is called KIKASS KETO BABES. But you can be part of both.  

So let’s do this and take control of our health and lets kick some Keto Ass.  Share with a friend on Facebook or Pin this so they can take the challenge.  And then come on over and join us on KikAss Keto Babes.


Your Health Needs You To Take Control

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